Las Vegas Family Law and Divorce Lawyers

A conflict with your spouse or a dispute involving your children can be a stressful situation, which can then create an unhappy living environment for all. The life you have built, your children, your career, your savings, your friends can feel like it is in jeopardy. At Naimi & Dilbeck, we have made it our goal to distinguish ourselves from other Las Vegas family law attorneys by giving not only great legal advice and great representation, but by also listening to our clients and helping them through these kinds of difficult circumstances. You don’t just need someone to talk to – you need someone who will listen and help weigh out your options.We have built an enviable reputation in the Las Vegas area for helping resolve sensitive legal matters related to family law.

Some of the most common cases we handle are:

  • Contested / uncontested divorce
  • Child support
  • Child custody
  • Grandparent’s visitation rights
  • Divorced parent’s visitation rights
  • Child support cases

These areas alone cause immense conflict amongst families, particularly those that have been through divorce proceedings. This can leave children confused and lonely while spouses are immersed in a tangle with dealing with their relationship issues but also considering the fate of their children. Some divorced or separated parents are able to come to agreements regarding their children’s fate quite amicably considering the difficult situation they are in. There are so many things to consider, like which parent will have custody of the children, the schooling arrangements for the children and the visitation rights of the other parent and the two sets of grandparents.

Parents that are unable to reach a consensus can’t afford to delay decisions, as a drawn out solution brings added stress for all those concerned. The children need to feel wanted and stable in their home lives. They need to be settled in both a home and a school and their emotional and material needs should be met with as little disruption to their lives as possible. These are complex situations for divorced or separated parents. You may feel unwilling to talk directly to each other and will need a mediator to finalize your parenting plan so the family as a whole can continue to grow and be happy.

The Experience You Need to Help You through Your Family Law Matter

If your situation requires the need for mediation in order to come to an agreement, you will need a family law attorney that has the experience to understand your situation and will listen with a sympathetic ear. Any delay in finding a solution to the changes going on in your life will only add to your complex situation. You will need to find a capable and competent attorney to help you. When you have made the decision to face the legal challenges of a divorce, custody dispute, or child support dispute, you need an attorney you can trust to guide you through the legal process. We give you honest advice and represent you vigorously without charging you an arm and a leg.

At Naimi & Dilbeck, we are proud of our status as assertive family law advocates and are always willing to assist families and help them navigate their way through their divorce proceedings. With our thorough knowledge of Las Vegas family laws, you can be assured that any legal rights that apply to you and your children are absolutely protected. Our principal attorneys, Scott Dilbeck and Jason Naimi, will give you the individualized attention you deserve and need to get you through this demanding time as smoothly as possible.

At Naimi & Dilbeck, we employ a customer-service oriented business model. We work hard to address any concerns you may have with the process of your case and make sure that you are completely involved in any negotiation procedures we think are in you and your family’s best interest. We take your phone calls. We respond to your emails. We will treat you in a courteous and respectful manner. Our client-first approach is the reason our firm has grown by leaps and bounds without television ads. Our reputation has been passed on by our satisfied clients. If you decide to take on our law firm you will not be disappointed with the way we handle sensitive and personal issues. Our successful outcomes are due to our tact, understanding and knowledge.

We encourage you to come in or call for a free, no-risk consultation at (702) 823-3333. Before you leave, you’ll know that Naimi & Dilbeck is the best choice for your Las Vegas family law matters.